What Can I Give Him?

There are many ways for Christians to show our love and give:

1. YOUR PLEDGE to Our Saviour. It takes the financial commitment of the members and friends of Our Saviour to keep the church running. It takes staff, programs, and mundane things like electricity and heat. Please turn in your pledge so that our Stewardship Committee in conjunction with the Finance Committee under the leadership of the Vestry may plan for the 2013 budget. 

2. YOUR SUPPORT in the community. BABY JESUS BASKETS: Beginning Monday, November 26, please bring diapers, receiving blankets, baby wipes, cans of newborn formula, baby bottles, pacifiers, and layettes to the Parish Hall and place them in the baskets provided for them. (Only new items, please.) These will be distributed to needy mothers and their newborns. This is a joint ministry of the Day School and Christian Formation for Children and Youth at Our Saviour.

3. YOUR SERVICE in volunteering at church to provide for Coffee Hour,to  join the Adult Choir,to  help out in the Nursery, to provide the flowers for the altar, … just to name a few.

What will you do in service for God this coming year?


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