Take the Bible Challenge!

The Bible Challenge is a way for people of all ages in this Diocese to join Bishop Waldo in reading the entire Bible in one year beginning October 1, 2012.

The purpose is to put ourselves in the presence of God as we read and to let the text shape us and transform us. The process should be one of joy and discovery….According to the Center for Biblical Studies, individuals who read “the Bible for 21 days in a row…have an 80% chance of developing a lifetime discipline of daily Bible reading.” Daily reading also has “a positive measurable impact on moral behavior” and develops spiritual maturity.”

Here are the passages:

Day 22 October 22
Exodus 4-6Psalm 18:21-50Matthew 19
Day 23 October 23
Exodus 7-9Psalm 19Matthew 20
Day 24 October 24
Exodus 10-12Psalm 20Matthew 21
Day 25 October 25
Exodus 13-15Psalm 21Matthew 22
Day 26 October 26
Exodus 16-18Psalm 22Matthew 23
Day 27 October 27
Exodus 19-21Psalm 23Matthew 24
Day 28 October 28 Enjoy hearing the Scriptures read aloud in church


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